Why we love singing with Harmony Fusion

  • Regarding Why I Love Singing with Harmony Fusion
  • I joined HFC 11 years ago. The members were so welcoming. I've stayed because of the friendships, the singing education, and all of the opportunities to grow within this supportive fellowship.

    The sisterhood!

    I've been a member for over 25 years, Wonderful women!! A gift to the soul.

    Though i have sung in choruses and choirs my whole life, since joining Harmony Fusion, I have learned so much more about vocal production, greatly improving my singing. and because it is a show chorus, choreography too!

    I love the friendships I have made. Such a wonderful group of ladies!

    HFC is such a welcoming place and it brings me joy every week.

    The chorus has always been friendly and welcoming.


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